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Classic pizzas represent the origins of Neapolitan pizza, simple pizzas but with genuine and typical ingredients of the tradition. From the light pastry and rich taste, with a few elements wisely combined, they satisfy even the most demanding palates.
Gourmet pizzas are born from the research and gastronomic experimentation of the pizzaioli (aka pizza makers) who have skillfully combined some innovative, original and high quality ingredients that will offer an experience of exceptional taste.
The panuozzo is a traditional preparation from the surroundings of Naples. It has the shape of a large panino but it’s made with the same pizza dough and it is double baked. The inside of the panuozzo is stuffed with cheese, vegetables, cold cuts, etc.
The Specials are pizzas or panuozzo with a rich and varied taste, proposed periodically depending on the availability of rare or seasonal ingredients. Exclusive and intense combinations for a unique and unmissable culinary experience.