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Quattro Formaggi (Veg)


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Fiordilatte / grana padano / gorgonzola or blue cheese / Fontal / extra virgin oil / black pepper / basil


The Quattro Formaggi is a pizza that is presented both in the white version and in the red version with the addition of tomato sauce. At Pizzeria da Susy we suggest you the white version, but the red one is also available.

The first cheese placed on the dough is mozzarella which has the fundamental function of maintaining humidity during cooking, partially protecting the other cheeses from the violence of the heat of the oven. Gorgonzola brings  a flash of flavour to a pizza which could result a bit flat and sweet.

Before the eyes, we will have a single mass of stringy cheese with patches of color that varies from green to deep yellow. On the palate, on the other hand, we will find a taste with fat dominants easily perceptible thanks to cheeses such as Emmental and Fontina with some flicker reserved for the areas covered by Gorgonzola.


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