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F28 & 29 | First floor | Baani square | Sector 50 | 122018 Gurgaon

Benvenuti da Susy

Our cozy place, the tradition, the authenticity, the freshness of our products will be for you an experience to remember and repeat. We promise to amaze you!

Benvenuti da Susy

The true Neapolitan pizza is a genuine and healthy food, produced with the best flours, naturally leavened and today it is known all over the world for its unique and irresistible flavour.

Benvenuti da Susy

Come to a real Neapolitan pizzeria and enjoy the flavours of the authentic Naples tradition for lunch or dinner.

About da Susy

Da Susy is a simple and welcoming place, dedicated to the real Neapolitan Pizza, located in Gurgaon, in the Baani Square shopping center. Our aim is to spread the culture of one of the most famous dishes in the world, the original pizza, and accompany you on a journey of flavours and aromas typical of the alleys of the city of Naples.


At our pizzeria, you will always find a selection of genuine products chosen with great care so to offer flavours and aromas of Neapolitan cuisine!


Courtesy and professionalism always distinguish us. We want you to feel at ease while spending pleasant and tasty moments!


The variety of our menu includes all kind of dishes, both vegetarian and non, and promises to satisfy every type of palate at accessible cost.

Our secret ingredients are love, passion and devotion

The folklore, colours and flavours of tradition, the skilled hands of a Neapolitan chef: a journey of taste into the deep heart of the beautiful city of Naples.



In our Pizzeria da Susy we use only high quality Italian flour with elastic and resistant gluten, ideal to guarantee long leavening processes and alveolate and fragrant structures, paramount for the Neapolitan pizza.



Our dough is made with aย long maturation and leavening for a minimum of 48 hours up to 96 hours, and stored at controlled temperature,ย so to offer a very light and highly digestible product.



Our main ingredients come directly from Italy so to give you the most authentic experience. Dairy products, meats and vegetables are chosen through a meticulous selection from the best suppliers in India.


Our Menu

Classic pizzas represent the origins of Neapolitan pizza, simple pizzas but with genuine and typical ingredients of the tradition. From the light pastry and rich taste, with a few elements wisely combined, they satisfy even the most demanding palates.
Gourmet pizzas are born from the research and gastronomic experimentation of the pizzaioli (aka pizza makers) who have skillfully combined some innovative, original and high quality ingredients that will offer an experience of exceptional taste.
The panuozzo is a traditional preparation from the surroundings of Naples. It has the shape of a large panino but itโ€™s made with the same pizza dough and it is double baked. The inside of the panuozzo is stuffed with cheese, vegetables, cold cuts, etc.
The Specials are pizzas or panuozzo with a rich and varied taste, proposed periodically depending on the availability of rare or seasonal ingredients. Exclusive and intense combinations for a unique and unmissable culinary experience.

Dine-in the Neapolitan Way

If you consider yourself an epicure, join Susy to experience the most drool-worthy and authentic pizza from her hometown Naples. Book your table and she will entail you through a gastronomic journey to watch and taste your favourite Neapolitan pizza, fresh out of the oven.ย  Pizzeria da Susy has a total capacity of 14 seats, hence we require prior reservation.

We are happy to accommodate birthday celebrations or small gatherings wherein you can book all our tables in advance for a couple of hours.

Call on 0124 – 4993151 or drop us a message at 9821923920 or fill the form below to request your booking slot and avoid any waiting. We will call you back to confirm.

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    Authentic yet creative Pizzas, super fresh ingredients. So much attention to detail. And when one cooks out of love and passion then the food has to be special!!

    Parul Datta

    The authentic italian pizza is here !!! Highly recommendable!!! Best of all: the dough!! Soft and crunchy… delicious!!! Must try!

    Alejandra Diaz

    Happy customer

    If you are looking for authentic Italian style pizza then this is the place. The sauce , the texture of the dough, the ingredients everything is just off the roof. I would highly recommend this place !!

    Vasudev R

    Happy Customer

    The best pizza I’ve ever had in Gurgaon!!!Authentic Italian pizza with italian ingredients and love!!!
    I strongly recommend to try it !

    Davide Marchini

    Happy Customer

    I loved the variety and the taste, however what was even more delightful to experience was that the vegetarian options were extremely flavourful as well.The highlight of my dine in experience remains the taste of the dough. A combination of the right amount of chewy and crunch at the same time. So good!
    And to top it all off, the owners are extremely cheerful!

    Sarthak Parashar

    Happy Customer